About The Artist

Doug Martin, a Colorado native, lives south of Denver in Centennial Colorado.

In 2003, at the age of fifty one, he picked up a paint brush for the first time. “I can’t believe it took me as long as it did to try my hand at painting! Nothing else has ever felt as natural.”

Martin's lifelong affinity for the outdoors and nature is well answered by his love of oil painting. He was a professional photographer in the seventies, eighties and nineties. Much of that time was spent out "in the woods" with his cameras immersed in natures wild places, developing his eye and gaining an understanding of the amazing array of different light situations that nature delivers.      

Since 2003 Martin has studied with Dan Beck, Mark Daily, Quang Ho, Matt Smith, Kenn Backhuas and numerous other accomplished artists.  Beck, his good friend and mentor, has had a marked influence on Martin's artistic philosophy and on his painting.  Given his photographic roots and his study with these respected representational painters, it’s not surprising that Martin shares their interest in traditional naturalism.  That interest is exhibited by Martin’s working out in the field, his creation of picturesque compositions, and his concern with bringing emotion to his paintings.  He paints both plein air and in his studio and strives to capture a ”feeling of place" in his pieces.  That "feeling of place" is always the result of a memorable light situation.  Capturing that light in paint is where Martin's impressionistic style aligns beautifully with his naturalistic sensibilities.

Martin's paintings have been in more than 100 juried, invitational and one person art shows winning a number of prizes and awards.  His works have also appeared in numerous publications.

“After ten years of painting, I have come to understand how truly cerebral the largest part of the painting process needs to be.  Painting has a romanticized reputation of being purely emotional, intuitive and spontaneous, and is viewed by many as a delightful and relaxing pass time.  In reality, most painters spend years laboring to master even the basics of painting.  All this concerted study and toil is endured in hopes of glimpsing hours or even just moments when all the necessary knowledge and technical skill flows with a minimum of effort leaving the artist free to respond emotionally and intuitively to a subject.  This is no easy feat, but when it works, it is rewarding in ways that are difficult to describe.....except, possibly, with paint and a brush.”

Doug Martin is represented by galleries in Breckenridge Colorado, Germanton North Carolina and Denver Colorado.